Midwest Brand, West Coast Vibes.

We’re an artist + maker duo crafting hand-painted flags inspired by a passion for travel, design, and heirloom-quality goods. 

Peyton LaVielle

Co-Owner & Flag Maker

Peyton's the flag-maker. She spends her time expertly crafting each and every flag by hand in addition to painting them. Her artistry is the lifeblood of Luna and apparent in every stitch and stroke.

Spencer Brokaw

Co-Owner & Creative Director

Spencer's our brand-guru. From graphic design to social media to photography, he oversees our digital operations and advertising strategy. He operates his own branding & design studio "Moonshooter Collective."

Luna LaVielle-Brokaw

Unpaid Intern

Luna Cove's namesake and original mascot. Mostly sleeps on the job and provides us with therapeutic cuddles.